We raise high quality meats using methods that respect the nature, dignity, and welfare of every species and ecosystem.

We offer Local delivery to the Durham Area

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At check-out, choose from farm pick-up (at Bell Farm), home delivery (once weekly to your door), or several Durham city drop locations.


100% Grass-fed Beef, Woodland Pork, Pasture-raised Chicken & Eggs. Plus: Mushrooms, Honey, and Cheese from neighboring farms.


Join us in donating food to local organizations, find out more about our favorite local farms and farmers, and see our upcoming events.

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Find out more about our seasonal community-supported agricultures shares (CSAs)- we have subscription packages at every price point!

How we approach land & animal stewardship at Bell Farm

Truly pasture-raised, our animals are free to graze, browse, root, and scratch their way across the fields and forests that make up our farm. Our ecological approach to farming is designed to improve the land, boost soil fertility, and increase carbon storage without the use of herbicides, pesticides, and the destructive tillage of the soil.

Meet the Farmers

Jack and Goodie farm approximately 200 acres in Granville County, North Carolina. Born and raised in Mississippi, Jack is also a professor and a writer. Goodie is a pastor. Together they live and raise their three children, Hazel (pictured), Buddy, and Lewis, on their home farm in Providence, which is just outside Oxford, North Carolina.