Bell Farm raises 100% grass-fed beef, woodland pork, & pastured poultry.

Combining the best practices of permaculture, agroforestry, and sustainable husbandry, our farm implements agricultural systems that are not just sustainable but regenerative: good for the climate, the soil, and all the creatures who inhabit them.

Holistic Management

We use holistic management to organize the grazing, browsing, scratching, and rooting of our animals in the pastures, hedgerows, woodlots, and creek bottoms that make up our property. Developed by Allan Savory, a former wildlife biologist and farmer from Zimbabwe, holistic management relies on the natural symbiosis of ruminants like cattle and sheep and perennial grasses, which need clipping, trampling, and periods of rest in order to thrive. Studies suggest that when done properly, holistic management creates resilient agricultural systems that capture more carbon in the atmosphere than the farm operation releases as a whole. They also suggest that it is far more beneficial to the environment than the conventional row crop production of vegetables.

Bell Farm History

Our farm is located in Granville County, which was formed in 1746 and named for the original Granville “grant” that ceded much of the Southeast to eight English noblemen in the 1660’s. We purchased the farm in 2018 from Elaine McNeill and Ann Louise Barrick, who tended the property for thirty years. Originally a tobacco farm (we’ve got the outbuildings to prove it), the farm is now home to a cattle herd, flocks of laying hens, meat chickens, hogs, and ecological no-till gardens. In the coming years we’ll expand our enterprises to boost biodiversity and productivity. Stay tuned!

Be in touch!

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